How can I not get to jump to

How can I not get to jump to


Since the Google server China moved from the mainland, mainland users with Google services will automatically jump to in Hongkong, a keyword filtering and occasionally is not very stable, this to our life and work have caused trouble.

First, you can access through the following methods

1. direct use of, NCR is no country redirection, is a mandatory not jump command;
2. with, HTTPS protocol.

Two, and the other problem is that the default search for the Chrome browser is also set to, and we can do it ourselves.

  • Chrome – Settings – Search – manage search engines – other search engines
  • Pull to the bottom and have a “add””
  • Name: write by myself, I write
  • Keyword (keyword), I write G
  • The last empty key is written to Url (, hl=zh-CN&amp, q=%s), or (, q=%s) parentheses for the fill part
  • Then set it as the default search engine!

A map:

How can I not get to jump to,
, setting, of, Google, search.png


So easy! Enjoy Google’s original search!