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I need to pass back a JSON result for a routine I am working with. How can I encode an Array I created to JSON? I am writing this in

How do I encode a normal PHP array to a JSON array keeping the indexes

Consider one simple array. <?php $a = array(‘a’,’b’,’c’); ?> how can i generate a json array as given below. { ‘0’:’a’, ‘1’:’b’, ‘2’:’c’ } Normal json_encode function returns [‘a’,’b’,’c’]

How can I call ajax array passed from php json encode? zend framework 2

I can’t call an arrays passed from the php json encode. I would concatenate 2 select state-contry-city. How can I do this?? This is the code: I have 2 selects. I send the first value to an action: php

How to encode an array as JSON?

I have an array in JavaScript that is grossIncome.Tthis array contains 6 elements. Now I want to send this array to an another PHP page using $.ajax method but how can I encode this array in JSON form

json_encode particular part of array

$array = array(Real => array(Alonso,Zidan),Inter => Zanetti, Roma => Toti); $json=json_encode($array); echo $json By this way I am reading all the data, but how can I read the

How do I encode a simple array into JSON in Perl?

All the examples that I’ve seen of encoding objects to JSON strings in Perl have involved hashes. How do I encode a simple array to a JSON string? use strict; use warnings; use JSON; my @arr = (this

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how can i know what event was triggered in picturebox in VBnet? in vbnet code: Private Sub picButton_MouseEnter(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles picButton.MouseEnter ‘CODE

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I would like to know how can we make the JSON based array using json_encode() PHP ; The format of the array should be look like this. callback([{ProductID:1,ProductName:Chai,UnitPrice:18,Uni

Php, how to “safe” JSON encode an array?

I used to think this is 100%: file_put_contents (‘cacheHere’, json_encode($array)); but that’s only 99%. It can only encode utf8 encoded datas, so: file_put_contents (‘cacheHere’, json_encode(utf8_en

How to JSON encode this PHP array?

I have an array $suggested_cities, here it is vardumped: array(3) { [15526]=> string(9) Alabaster [15137]=> string(7) Florala [37091]=> string(8) Saraland } When I json encode this arr

How to get php json_encode($array) in to android to manipulate it data?

How to get php json_encode($array) in to android to manipulate it data? I have a php that encode a array in json_encode($array); and when i echo json_encode($array); i get: [{id:1,name:player1


Dim serializer as New JavaScriptSerializer()
Dim arrayJson as String = serializer.Serialize(myArray)

You are going to want to look into JSON serialization. Here is a good article that explains one way to do it (unfortunately the examples are in C#) but with more information we can probalby steer you towards the right toolkit.

There are four ways:

  1. Roll your own with a Custom formatter
  2. Json.NET.
  3. JavaScriptSerializer
  4. DataContractJsonSerializer

I recently blogged about how to do Json Serialization.

you could try the javascript serializer ( I believe it was deprecated for a while by Microsoft but then un-deprecated (is that a word??) when they wanted to use it in MVC