How can I browse or query live MongoDB data?

I’ve googled around but couldn’t find a working MongoDB viewer or data browser.

An ideal (for my needs) tool would be a web based viewer with dead simple features (browsing and doing queries).

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You have :

While the built in Http Interface of MongoDB isn’t exactly what you are asking for, but it is available and supports a REST interface to do simple queries, etc. This is built-in to the mongo instance with a default of port 28017.

As well as those mentioned by shingara, there’s also:

MongoHub is moved to a native mac version, please check

See: Hopefully it’ll be updated frequently when new tools are available!


Better overview:

I just tried MongoVUE and it works like a charm! Check it out:

Im just testing Rock_Mongo

It’s a nice tool, written in PHP.

I just released a simple web-based data viewer called Mongs. It isn’t a server admin GUI, it’s focused on data browsing, which sounds like what you’re interested in. Mongs is implemented in Python using the Aspen web framework.

Just pushed mongoclikker to GitHub. It’s a dead simple MongoDB viewer written in Node.

I have tried this one and as a viewer it’s awesome with tree and document views.

There a lot of UIs on official mongo site

MogoVue is the best option I found so far, it has great features I did not see in other viewers, plus it gives few options to look at the data, as json, tables and hierarchy, which is extremely useful.

Avoid MongoExplorer, it has major issues, which can cause you huge headaches. When viewing records using this tools, it may change fields which are MongoId’s to plane string, it does not give any indication on this, just does it when you focus on the id field, this bug cost me lots of time and effort trying to find “what and where in my code i’m doing this silly thing”…

JMongo is nice db viewer using on fedora linux

To add to the list 🙂

I just made a simple Mongo browser based on a hierarchical JQueryTreeview and implemented in Sinatra and Ruby.

The reason for another viewer was that I wanted something that was fast and easy (both to use and the code base), that would let me peek at what was going on my MongoDB. Also, I wanted some nice Ajax effects. and could be the base of a more complete browser.

I started work on small project: It’s a mongodb browser based on ruby’s sinatra framework.

here is the better tool for sql as well as No-Sql viewer and also you can query in gui mode with this tool.

genghisapp is what you want.

It is a web-based GUI that is clean, light-weight, straight-forward, offers keyboard shortcuts, and works awesomely. It also supports GridFS.

Best of all, it’s a single script!

How can I browse or query live MongoDB data?

How can I browse or query live MongoDB data?

To install it

$ gem install genghisapp bson_ext

(bson_ext is optional but will greatly improve the performance of the gui)

To run it (this will automatically open your web browser and navigate to the app as well)


To stop it

genghisapp --kill

I using Robomongo, in version 0.8.3 implemented multiply inserting documents, for more details Robomongo also have builtin mongodb-shell may be usefully for your purposes.

RoboMongo” is easy to use and cross platform, using on centos 6.2 but no option for data import/export which can be found in “umongo” but not easy to use as RoboMongo.

  • For web: genghis is simple and have much more fashion interface. How can I browse or query live MongoDB data?

  • For desktop: robomongo: Shell-centric cross-platform MongoDB management tool How can I browse or query live MongoDB data?