Has been on the shelves of app (available for sale) on the AppStore can not find solutions

These two days is very big, because 3 days before the release of the app manual are yet to see the AppStore, made numerous calls to apple and send email to review team.
here we see is how to solve the traffic lights in the background iTunes (available for sale) but is in AppStore to search new version.

1 call 4006-701-855, this is the support provided by iTunes phone, Chinese time 9:00-17:00. 2 email review team (urgent at this): please login iTunes Connect, and click on the bottom of the page to contact us". Please select the question you want to query in step 1. Now you want to query the App schedule so please select "App Review" please in step 2 select your application is ready to release to the app store or test audit. If the application store, please select "App Store Review". To enter step 3, select the action you want to perform: 3 if you have tried the above method, and listen to enough apples for you to put the song (called know..) then you can try the following methods I said, at least to me today is feasible. Open your iTunes Taiwan, find and sales price range
Has been on the shelves of app (available for sale) on the AppStore can not find solutions

put your app price adjusted to 6 yuan RMB (words are not multiples of 6, how the bottom there are 1 yuan), and then select China. This area only app you into pending contract, the store also want to turn the chrysanthemum..
quite a long time and then instantly modify the…, put your app into a free area, select, save
. Not surprisingly, your app moment will become available for sale, then wait for half an hour or so, your app will appear on AppStore.

Hey, my heart is bitter, this apple cache causes such an accident, is enough (manual goodbye) (manual funny)