Guidance is the best help for young people


In grade four, I began to like long distance running and rest normally. I would listen to music and run on the road. I usually run ten kilometers, listen to music, and run with the rhythm of the music, I feel I’m not running, more like dancing on the highway. This feeling really has a kind of can not say wonderful, only really love running people can feel.

Before the world class idle, because busy trifles, missed the bus point, he can not go home. My home is thirteen kilometers away from the unit, commuting every day to work, can be missed, you can only stay in the bedroom. Just sunny that day, so good weather running is absolutely suitable.

I packed and decided to run home, wear a good running shoes or running, listening to music on the way home. Although this road is only thirteen kilometers, I never run home, this kind of running is tired after all. Physical strength is not good not good will on the way out of breath, or choose to give up, I ran and looked at the time, to go home early.

In the first half of the journey, I was so relaxed that I didn’t sweat very much, and after the second half I started to feel thirsty. I can still hold it, because I run 22.5 kilometers farthest and I have the confidence to finish the thirteen kilometers. I was looking at the cars passing me, intensifying my tiredness.


Especially tired they will not consciously think this is to sit the meeting much better, more like yourself more tired. I’m going to adjust my breathing and rhythm right away. I don’t want to think about useless things. After all, I’m going to run home, so be sure to stick to it. The more tired, the more I heard a familiar voice, called me, and looked at my colleagues.

Guidance is the best help for young people
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The fellow was very kind, and he knew I liked running, but I was tired and said, “take me home.”! Otherwise, how hard it is. His words as I caught a straw, weak feeling to stand up. However, my heart tells me to choose to run home, to insist, or to ride casually.

He refused the kindness of his colleagues and decided to stick to the rest of the run. I walked swiftly colleagues, ready to start running, but the feeling is not stridden legs, too tired. I decided to walk for a while and then run, but this really couldn’t run anymore.


Running is like this, must insist, even tired, but also jogging, can not stop, otherwise run again absolutely can not run. I tried to run myself halfway, but I couldn’t go far, and my heart began to struggle. One voice said, “the body has been overdrawn seriously.” another voice said, “I’m thirsty.”. In this struggle, I stopped again, the more tired the more.

I tried to run a few times, but I couldn’t insist on walking with silence, and the more tired I got. In fact, running is like this, if you can run up, the body is not tired, the more you walk, the more tired. Running is aerobic breathing, walking is anaerobic breathing, the body will be more tired.

It took me a long time to get home. It was the first time I ran home. I felt very tired. I could have finished the journey. Half of it had to go. I have to say that the kindness of my colleagues in the middle reaches makes me move, and since then, I have lost the courage to run, and it is hard for me to persist.

On the way to running, I kept thinking about this question, that is, the running distance, not the way of life. Everyone has to face the road of life, in different periods, to learn to choose a different way to complete this life.


When we are young, we should choose to run, so that we can exercise our body and train our ability. This is also the inevitable experience of life on the road, if this time we choose to stop for a rest or want to ride the courage to run away.

When we are young, we learn the ability to train the ability, not to run to complete this inevitable path of life, so that they are more capable. And when we are young, the attitude of parents to us is likely to affect the fate of our lives, and their trivial words may make us go to glory or valley.

Guidance is the best help for young people
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We should know that all parents love their children, their hearts want their children to Jackie Chan as Fung, how many parents and guts to let their children suffer? The road leading to the growth in children, watching the children running hard hearted parents hope their children can get their own.

However, after once the children sit on the ride would not run the courage and strength of the future he is likely because there is no running after a long experience in the society can not go it alone. Encounter setbacks will think of a ride, think more labor-saving shortcut.


Once a child saw a pupa turning into a butterfly, and the child watched it very carefully. The pupa struggled very hard, and it looked painful. The good child was different, and the pupa was so miserable. He decided to help the pupa a little bit and let it go out, but the butterfly died when it came out. The reason is that the wings of butterflies have no power, and they can not fly in the chrysalis.

Guidance is the best help for young people
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Think of many of our parents’ attitudes towards their children, who tend to care too much about them. Even spoiled, the result is to harm them, when children need to grow up, need to develop their own skills, we need to help the family is not help. What we can do is to pass on our own effective life experience to our children, let them avoid detours, but never avoid detours.

If we want to let the children take a shortcut, we as adults when children stick willingly and gladly. This may help children temporarily cannot help them life, if one day you parents died. There is no thought of leaving cane children can not be independent, can finish the rest of the way of life.

Learn to help when you’re a child, especially for young people. Not all the help can light up his dream. Sometimes I think we China parents too good, good to let the children can see their future is how comfortable.


From primary school to university, all the way to care, to get married, but also for them to prepare marriage room dowry. To have a grandson to help their children to coax grandchildren, a busy road, but their children really is in there. This child will be dependent on the suffering they think of parents, parents of this car ride will ruin the child’s dream of struggle.

Sometimes superfluous help can make a person degenerate, and strict requirements and necessary guidance are the spiritual nourishment that a young man really needs. He can let us have a more firm belief when necessary, and keep running. When parents or elders, more of the children’s requirements and guidance, less help is the greatest care for them.