Grammarly for Chrome Helps to Improve Your Writing

Grammarly for Chrome is a powerful plugin that can help you write better works.

Grammarly is designed to improve writing, it makes you be a better writer by assisting in finding and correcting mistakes within a body of text, effectively fixing up to 10x more errors than your standard word processor.

Using Grammarly, you can make sure your article, documents, and social media message are clear, mistake-free, and impactful.  With Grammarly for Chrome,  your grammar and spelling will be vetted on  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email, and other everywhere else you write online.

It can quickly find and correct 250+ types of grammatical mistakes while also detect contextual spelling errors and poor vocabulary usage. The powerful functions maybe unbelievable to you.Grammarly for Chrome Help to Improve Your Writing

Features of Grammarly:

  • Contextual spelling checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Trusted by millions of users
  • Grammarly in the news
  • Grammarly Premium

With Premium you can do:

  • Check for 100+ additional types of errors
  • Get vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  •  Detect plagiarism and get citation suggestions
  • Get suggestions for different writing styles

With Grammarly, you can always be sure that your words are mistake-free and improve your word choice. Using Grammarly when writing is a better way to finish your job.