Google VR Unity – Stereotypical-view and gyroscope are not working on Android

I’m new here, I hope my post met the guidelines and can provide detail as much as possible.

What I was trying to do:

  • Compile GVRDemo scene straight from GoogleVRForUnity_1.70.0 package to APK on
    Unity 3D and install it on Android device.

What the problem was:

  • App is running, but the stereotypical-View and gyroscope didn’t work

  • Other VR related apps works fine on the android device.

What I’ve tried to do:

  • Switched to Android platform

  • Check the Player Setting on Unity for Virtual Reality supported as Cardboard.

Specification used:

  • Unity Version 2017.1.0f3

  • Smartphone ASUS Z00AD, Android v5.0, Gyroscope available

  • GVR Unity v1.70.0 package

What should I do to make the stereotypical-view and the gyroscope to working?

Thank you, sorry for any lack of information.