GoodSync – Very Good File Synchronization Software

GoodSync is a great local file synchronization/backup software. Although its user interface is simple but with powerful functions.

GoodSync supports one-way synchronization (backup) and two-way synchronization. In addition to synchronization to the local disk, but also support synchronization to the following places:

  • SkyDrive
  • WinMobile
  • GoodSync Connect(like Dropbox)
  • Windows Shares
  • Google Drive
  • Windows Azure
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • WebDAV
  • Amazon S3

GoodSync - Very Good Local File Synchronization Software

The process of GoodSync local two-way synchronization is:

add a new synchronization task, select the synchronization (the backup will only file from the left to the right), two-way synchronization will be left and right sides of any add, modify, delete operations will be synchronized to the other end, Can be set to delete the file to delete and save the file history version of the function of the second choice. The saved file is located on the right side of the gsdata / saved folder, the history version is located in the gsdata / history folder, and supports custom days after deletion.

There are also some of the following features:

1. The synchronization process supports the filter function, which can be set to exclude or include files, excluding hidden folders and system folders.

2. Automatically analyze the synchronization function, can be set when the file changes synchronization, GoodSync runtime synchronization, regular execution, folder connection (such as U disk insert, Internet access) and the system log off (including restart and shutdown) synchronization.

3. When the conflict occurs, select the left or right priority, and the new file priority.

4. Script function to support the synchronization after running the program, or after the completion of synchronization to send e-mail notification.

5. Preset function supports verification MD5, copy file creation time and so on.

6. Synchronization support data encryption, including EPS and NTFS encryption.

Free Download: GoodSync