The Birth of Git – The Version Control System

Linus in 1991 created an open source Linux system. Since then, Linux system continues to develop, has become the largest server system software.

Linus created Linux, but Linux is growing by enthusiastic volunteers around the world, so many people in the world to write code for Linux, Linux code is how to manage it?

The fact is that by 2002, volunteers from all over the world sent the source code file to Linus via diff, and then by Linus I manually merged the code!

You might wonder why why did not Linus put Linux code into the version control system? Is there a CVS, SVN free version control system? Because Linus is firmly opposed to CVS and SVN, these centralized version control systems are not only slow, but must be networked to use. There are some commercial version control system, although better than CVS, SVN, but it is paid, and Linux open source spirit does not match.


However, in 2002, the Linux system has been developed for ten years, the code library of the large let Linus difficult to continue through the manual management, the community’s brothers have expressed strong dissatisfaction with this way, so Linus chose a business The version control system BitKeeper, BitKeeper’s owner BitMover company for the humanitarian spirit, authorize the Linux community to use this version control system free of charge.

Stability and unity of the excellent situation in 2005 was broken, because the Linux community cattle people gathered, can not help but contaminated some of the Liangshan hero’s rivers and lakes habits. The development of Samba Andrew’s attempt to crack BitKeeper’s agreement (so in fact not only one), BitMover company found (monitoring work done well!), So BitMover company anger, to recover the free use of the Linux community.

Linus can apologize to BitMover and make sure that it is impossible to discipline the brethren later, well. The actual situation is this:

Linus took two weeks to write a distributed version control system with C, which is Git! Within a month, the Linux system source has been managed by Git! How is the cattle defined? We can experience it.

Git quickly became the most popular distributed version control system, especially in 2008, GitHub site on-line, it is free for the open source project to provide Git storage, countless open source projects began to migrate to GitHub, including jQuery, PHP, Ruby and so on.

History is so accidental, if not the year BitMover company threaten the Linux community, maybe now we do not have free and super easy to use Git.