Git submodule inside of a submodule (nested submodules)

Is it possible for a git submodule to be made of several other git submodules, and the super git repo to fetch the contents for each submodule?

I have tried to do this using the obvious/naive approach of creating a git repo holding several submodules.

Then adding this git repo to another git repo as a submodule.

Then attempting to pull from the root directory of the super git repo by git submodule init and then git submodule update. But this fails to fetch the sub-submodules.

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As Sridhar comments below, from Git1.6.5+, git clone –recursive is now the official alternative, described in:

inamiy correctly points out the git submodule update –init –recursive command, introduced in commit b13fd5c, again in git1.6.5, by Johan Herland (jherland).

(older original answer)

According to the manual page

 git submodule update --recursive

should update any nested submodules. But the init part may not be recursive.

Depending on your version of Git, you could fall back to a more “scripting” approach, with this article Recursively Updating Git Submodules which allows for recursive init and update:


use strict;
use Cwd;



sub init_and_update
    my $start_path = cwd();

    my %paths;
    my $updated;

        my $data = `find . -name '.gitmodules'`;

        $data =~ s////.gitmodules//g;

        foreach my $path (split(//n/, $data))
            $paths{$path} = '' if($paths{$path} eq '');

        $updated = 0;

        foreach my $path (sort keys %paths)
            if($paths{$path} eq '')
                `git submodule init 2>&1`;
                `git submodule update 2>&1`;

                if($ARGV[0] eq '--remove-gitmodules')

                $paths{$path} = 1;

    } while($updated);

As mentioned in Retrospectively add –recursive to a git repo

git submodule update --init --recursive

should work.