Getting error message “Android sdk content loader stuck at 0%”

When I open Eclipse it shows the message Android sdk content loader 0%. How to solve this? I have turned off project build automaticaly and cleaned all projects in workspace too.

Could someone tell me why I am getting this error?

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Go in the task manager and delete the adb process..then restart you eclipse…


Open adb shell with path: sdk/plateform-tools/

Give command: SDK/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools>adb kill-server

press enter

Again give command: SDK/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools>adb start-server

press enter

This will restart your adb..Good luck!!

Have you tried deleting your debug keystore?

%USERPROFILE%/.androidon Windows
~/.android/debug.keystore on Linux and Mac OS X

I had the same problem after I tried to add a project from existing code. I shut the eclipse down and removed the project to another address. I don’t know what the problem was but it solved it!

In my case I renamed every project folder in the workspace (suffixed folder names with _), then opened workspace and it finished its stupid tasks, then closed eclipse, then renamed the few project folders I really need back to their original folder names, then File > Refresh (keeping the projects that still had renamed folders), then right-click on each project and ‘Open Project…’. Saved the day.

This has been a frequent, yet inconsistent problem for me lately. For a while I was turning off the Build Automatically option and closing/re-opening projects. But I also ran into cases where it would lock up before I could change settings.

Ultimately I discovered that switching workspaces (temporarily) would get it going again. I now have a dummy workspace with a Hello World project in it. So now I:

  1. Kill Eclipse
  2. Open Eclipse to the dummy workspace.
  3. Switch workspaces to your desired workspace.

This is the most efficient way I’ve found to work-around this.

Maybe this would be helpful for someone.

If you cannot kill the adb process in Windows Manager, unplug your phone from the usb port. Then you can stop adb, restart Eclipse and everything works again 🙂 at least in my case.

I too faced similar issue.. I tried many things but none worked.. But then I tried deleting cache folder & ddms.cfg file from %USERPROFILE%/.android folder and from then on it started working properly..

After trying all options here, I closed all open projects before the progress status could get to “Android sdk content loader 0%” and then opened them one by one. Fortunately the problem got resolved.

None of the above worked for me – but I found another way to get around this.

  1. In eclipse preferences, go to General/Workspace and click the ‘Startup and Shutdown’ option. In the dialog that opens unselect ‘Android Development Toolkit’ (and while you’re at it maybe uncheck all the other annoying things eclipse does at start up).

  2. Restart eclipse and you’ll find your Android projects don’t work but you don’t get the non=progressing content loader initialization.

  3. Go back to the General/Workspace/’Startupand shutdown’ dialog and enable it again.

  4. Restart eclipse once more and after cleaning and rebuilding you may find its all okay for again (was for me).

Tried all of the suggestions but none seemed to work. This is the workflow that ultimately fixed it for me, not sure why, but it did (finally!). Hope it helps some one!

1. Open Eclipse
2. Go to Preferences->General->Workspace->Startup and Shutdown->Unselect 'Android Development Kit'
3. Restart Eclipse completely
4. File->Switch Workspace (select a new empty folder as the new workspace)
5. Restart Eclipse completely
6. Go to Preferences->General->Workspace->Startup and Shutdown->Select 'Android Development Kit'
7. Restart Eclipse completely
8. File->Switch Workspace (select your previous workspace).

I’ve had this problem and the solution for me was the same as the answer I posted here:

Eclipse hangs at the Android SDK Content Loader

which is to delete this file:


Your workbench starts over (return to default layout, settings for AVD’s are gone, path to keystores, etc.) but that’s not a big deal compared to getting back to work…