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Given a merge commit, how can I get its parents? Some git commands take the parent as a revision; others (such as git revert), as a parent number; I’d like to know how to get the parents for both cases. I don’t want to use the graphical log command as that often requires scrolling down a long tree to find the second parent.

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Also note that the normal log output shows the abbreviated hashes of the parents, no need to scroll:

 commit 395f65d438b13fb1fded88a330dc06c3b0951046
 Merge: 9901923 d28790d

git always prints them in order of parent number: the first hash is for the first parent, and so on.

If you just want the hashes, two equivalent choices:

git log --pretty=%P -n 1 <commit>
git show --pretty=%P <commit>

rev-list can also show the parent hashes for a commit. It will first list the hash for a commit, followed by the parents’.

git rev-list --parents -n 1 <commit>

If you want to examine the parents, you can refer to them directly with carats as <commit>^1 and <commit>^2, e.g.:

git show <commit>^1

This does generalize; for an octopus merge you can refer to the nth parent as <commit>^n. You can refer to all parents with <commit>^@, though this doesn’t work when a single commit is required. Additional suffixes can appear after the nth parent syntax (e.g. <commit>^2^, <commit>^2^@), whereas they cannot after ^@ (<commit>^@^ isn’t valid). For more on this syntax, read the rev-parse man page.

Also note that the normal log output does show abbreviated hashes of the parents:

 commit 395f65d438b13fb1fded88a330dc06c3b0951046
 Merge: 9901923 d28790d

The following is the simplest way I’ve found to view the parents of a merge

git show --pretty=raw 3706454