20+ Free Download HD Images Websites

The image is better than the text, and the video is better than the image. Compared with the text and the image, the multimedia form of the video is indispensable for effectively attracting the user’s attention and enhancing the user’s understanding. We have also transitioned from the era of reading to the present.

In the video era, a variety of short video applications and online live broadcasts are swarming, and we will inevitably use some video material in our daily work and study.

Here, this article will share some good copyright-free photo material video websites with you, you can free download HD images, and the cost of video production will be greatly reduced.

1. Pexels video

Pexels is a collection of Dacheng’s material sites. It has copyright-free images and videos. It also integrates resources from other sites, and the variety and quantity are considerable. The videos on Pexels are in HD format, you can download them directly without registration, you can preview them by hovering over them, and you can see similar videos by clicking on the video page.

2. Pixabay

An old-fashioned picture video material is stationed. Pixabay provides a personal homepage for each author, who can pay attention, like and pay the author for coffee. In addition to video, Pixabay also offers a large number of copyright-free image materials such as illustrations, illustrations, photos, etc., which can be downloaded directly without registration.


3. Videvo

Videvo offers a wide selection of picture material and motion pictures. There are some restrictions on the contents of the Videvo library, so please check carefully before downloading the clip.

4. Videezy

The Videezy website is also a pure video providing site. We can search for keywords, view them in chronological order, query by category, etc. Currently only English is supported. The Videezy website divides the material into free and paid material, and the free material is available for free for personal use or commercial use. If you want to get more permission for the material, you have to choose the paid material. If you want to use this, you can choose it yourself.

5. CuteStockFootage

In addition to free videos, CuteStockFootage offers a variety of other great things under the “Free Resources” tab of its menu – such as photos, audio clips, fonts and textures.

6. MotionPlaces

MotionPlaces is another important source of free material. The video is conveniently organized by location and theme in the menu. In order to be able to download the video, you need to enter an email address.

7. Vidsplay

Vidsplay allows you to search its video collection by category or keyword.

8. Bottled Video

Bottled Video offers free 640 x 480 video clips for HD and 4K material. Although the Bottled Video content library is quite large, downloading from this site can be difficult because spammers have abused the site’s services for years. As a result, site owners have created an algorithm that increases the cost of “free” material to $2 when they detect too many suspicious activity.

9. Ignite Motion

Need a video background? Ignite Motion makes you happy. They appreciate – but don’t ask – the credit of the people they use to edit.

10. Wave.video

Online video producer Wave.video users can access the built-in more than 2 million free photo and video libraries that can be used to create videos. There are many free and paid video options.

11. Mazwai

The Mazwai site provides us with a lot of free video material for us to download and use. The design style of the website is also very simple. The home page of the website is the video background of the big screen. The mouse can be previewed by clicking the mouse. After clicking the video, you can select the video download by going to the video player page. Of course, you can also select the browse mode button at the top to switch between browse modes.

12. MotionElements

MotionElements currently offers over 3,000 free stock videos, and they release new videos every week.

13. Splasheo

Not all Splasheo products are free, but if you’re looking for an outro that enhances the YouTube brand, you can find a variety of products to choose from under the “Free Downloads” tab.

14. OrangeHD

If you are looking for HD material or any type of natural video, Orange HD is worth a visit. Their library may not be the most extensive on the Internet because the site has only two people working, but the editing is beautiful and unique.

15. Production Crate

Production Crate puts a lot of resources – such as footage, effects, templates, and audio – at your fingertips. It can be used for free, but you need to create an account. The free account is limited to five downloads per day.

16. Vimeo

This Vimeo group has 258 free videos to choose from, all created by Vimeo user Phil Fried.

17. Coverr

The Coverr website is a site that provides us with free video downloads. The website has detailed video classifications for us and updates 7 videos every Monday. If you like a video, you can click the play button to preview the video, and then decide whether to download it. Coverr also supports support uploading, if you have good video material, you can share it for everyone to use.

18. Life of Vids

All videos on this site were taken and uploaded by a digital creative studio called LEEROY in Canada. Perhaps because of the studio’s preference, the Life of Vids video has a lot more everyday scenes than the other videos, such as busy docks and excavators at work, used as empty mirrors. It should be quite suitable. In addition, the studio has a copyright-free photo site.

19. SplitShire

SplitShire is the brainchild of web designer Daniel Nanescu, who wants to share his free pictures and video collections with the world.

20. Motion Backgrounds

As the name suggests, this site offers a free sports background. You can use them at will, without any restrictions.

21. On Stock Footage 4 Free

On Stock Footage 4 Free, you will find free clips in various categories, usually adding new clips every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Users must create an account before they can download free material.

22. Beachfront B-Roll

Beachfront B-Roll is a video blog that offers HD material and an animated background. Due to the format, you may want to find something you can find to find, even though the site allows you to choose which category to view at the top of the page. The content of the site is unique, so it’s worth a look. The video here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

23. Mitch Martinez

If you are searching for 4K footage, please check this site. Although it doesn’t seem to be updated anymore, there are still many categories of videos for you to browse. If you plan to use clips in a commercial project, you will need to complete the release form first.

24. Clip Canvas

Clip Canvas offers 170 free videos. They also have a larger lens library available for purchase. If you use their clips, there is no need to provide attribution.

25. OpenFootage

OpenFootage provides great natural, latency and abstract video options on its website. Low-resolution versions of these videos can be downloaded for free. A higher quality version requires a fee. Free downloads are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

26. Pond5

Pond5 charges most of their shots, but they also offer free old shots.

27. Fancy Footage Club

The Fancy Footage Club is no longer running, but their website is still running, they can still browse their clips, and they can download all the existing material here.

28. MovieTools

In MovieTools, you can download free loops and backgrounds for your own non-commercial videos. Their choices are not big, but you can still find useful things here. If you want to use any of these clips for commercial purposes, you will need to pay to download the HD version.

29. Clean Social Icons Free PSD

Clean Social Icons Free PSD is a Useful set of free social icons set you can use in your upcoming design projects.