Free alternative to RegxBuddy

Are there any good alternatives that support writing regexps in different flavours and allow to test them?

Free alternative of ViEmu?

Is there a free/open source alternative to ViEmu for Visual Studio?

Free alternative to balsamiq mockups?

Is there an free alternative to balsamiq mockups? I couldn’t find anything truly free, without limited plans/functionality or timeouts. šŸ™

Free alternative to Targetprocess? [closed]

We are searching for a free alternative to TargetProcess. We would like to use the following features: Collaboration Software Project Management Gantt Charts maybe SVN/ GIT support Usual things like

Any free alternative to Robohelp? [closed]

Any free alternative to Robohelp? Prefer open source Need some sort of online help authoring tool for an open source project.

Looking for a free alternative to ProjectPlace [closed]

Does anyone know of a good free alternative to Project Place?

Free NCrunch alternative

Since NCrunch has left the free market, I was looking for a similar tool for code coverage marking, and continous testing like NCrunch edit: I’m using VS2012 update: I’ve been using ContinuousTest fo

Free DevExpress alternative [closed]

I’m doing open source software development and I’d like to know if there is some free windows forms controls availaible? (In the same package like DevExpress) Thanks

cpanel free alternative with DNS tool [closed]

I’m looking for a free alternative to manage personal sites (php/apache/mysql support) with the ability to configure DNS. it should be VERY light weight and optimized. I tried many panels especially k

HTML editor – A free alternative to DreamWeaver

In the past, I used to work with DW4 and liked the way it allows you to visually write HTML pages. Can anyone suggest a free alternative for Windows?

Free alternative to MS-access? [closed]

Does anyone know a valid alternative to MS-access to manage database with free license? Can you also tell me if the files are compatible with MS-access?


The excellent and free Rad Software Regular Expression Designer doesn’t appear in the list above but it’s certainly worth a look at.

Support for different “flavours” is limited but as far as writing and testing actual regular expressions is concerned it’s good and the in-built help is very useful too.

You can always use that if you are used to vim.

Expresso is way up there on my list.

I use Mira Regular Expression. You can test and replace text using the regular expressions. Moreover it is possible to save locally your favourite regular expressions.