FFMPEG API: How to connect to RTSP stream using av_open_input_file?

I’m trying to connect to some RTSP stream using av_open_input_file() like this:

AVFormatContext* ic; avcodec_register_all(); av_register_all(); av_open_input_file(&ic, “rtsp://login:[email protected]/videoinput_1/mjpeg/media.stm”, NULL, 4096, NULL);

It always returns ‘file not found’. The same url, though, I can see in, say, VLC player. Do I do something wrong in my code?

I’m using FFMPEG 0.6, shall I use the latest instead?

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Turned out I did not enable network support when building FFMPEG.

The following options worked for me:

–enable-network –enable-protocol=tcp –enable-demuxer=rtsp –enable-decoder=h264