Feel at a loss? Why don’t you go running together?

It took seven minutes to get out of the office at night.

I quickened my pace, thinking about going to the gym and running after dinner.

Feel at a loss? Why don't you go running together?
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National Day for so long, have not how to exercise. Every day sitting waist collapse, not diet eating, belly fat certainly out of a ditch too horrible to look at.

I started reporting to the gym from the end of last year. Before that, I only occasionally ran across the playground when I was at school. In addition, there is almost no amount of exercise.

I’m not too fat, but I’m not slim enough. It’s a middle figure.

For a while, I particularly wanted to be thin, especially envious of what kind of clothes can be put into the ribs fine.

They say that weight loss is like plastic surgery, losing weight, and the world is yours. This sentence is so beautiful that people cry.

So I’m going to try NFAM, hope do not eat at night can slim down.

I know a girl, in this way, the first half lost more than 20 pounds, directly into the S code set of easy pants, face a narrow, the enchanting face, willowy looks more beautiful than before did not know how many times.

She said, at the beginning can not stand, trying to force themselves to do something else, divert attention, long time on the habit. In order to become beautiful, everything is worthwhile.

Listen to her so easily, haven’t started, I have looked in the mirror his own fantasy has thinner appearance, stature is slender, fragile…… Sure beauty must disturb the whole universe!

But then it turned out that being thinner was not so easy.

I can’t do it for two days. It’s too bad to eat dinner!

Hungry pain, cooing, at night it is difficult to sleep, the mood is inexplicable irritability, straight itch uncomfortable death.

Later, I couldn’t stand it. I got up and dismantled the package and ate instant noodles. Losing weight, I officially declared surrender.

I feel the instant noodles delicious, while for exclamation: the world is so beautiful, why must torture yourself, do not eat dinner?.

Do not eat after noon fails, I began to try to run.

About a few classmates, in the evening run around the playground laps. I downloaded a plump app, it can record your running route and the number of kilometers.

I ran for days, tired myself out of breath, and got wet.

Every time I run, I will show my own mileage, and after harvest a lot of praise, I have great satisfaction with vanity.

I later realized that the purpose of this struggle is not for thin, but in order to scrape a few kilometers, the sun circle of friends.

Because of lack of determination and too tired running, I soon gave up. Again, I admit that I can’t eat it. Or that’s it. At least eat less rice later, anyway, I’m not too fat.

So I soon got over it, and in order to celebrate my idea, I went to the store to buy a bag of fun cucumber flavored crisps.

To tell you the truth, I really admire people who have been able to control their mouths all the time. In the face of the temptation of food, actually can firmly hold the bottom line, this kind of as thin as the determination of return, this perseverance, this kind of extraordinary execution, I think I have this life can not have.

Feel at a loss? Why don't you go running together?
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But I did not expect, I actually slowly like sports.

The reason why I started running was not to lose weight, but because I had nothing to do.

The reason may be very strange, nothing to do to run? It’s not good to lie on the phone at home?

But that’s what I thought.

After leaving school, I was busy with finding a job. It was a hard time, and I couldn’t eat on time.

Later, after a toss, and finally settled down. I got to work slowly, and got plenty of free time after work.

This idle, I sometimes see the novel, see the hit TV series, micro-blog what the brush. I feel comfortable at the beginning, and I feel like I’m bored after a long time.

I’m ashamed that I’m not the kind of person who’s motivated, unlike the hard-working students, who have time to learn something new, to enrich themselves, to improve their abilities.

But I’m a little bit worried. After all, wasting time is a waste of life. I still want to do something meaningful.

Later, I decided to go to the square near the rental room for half an hour after dinner every evening. My grandmother always worried that I could not take care of myself, and often told me to take care of myself when I was outside, and that the body was the capital of revolution.

She was right. A healthy body is the root of everything. Even with gold and silver, rich life, no good body, there is no good luck to enjoy.

Sitting in the office every day, not only long meat, long time will certainly get cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation what disease.

In the last two years, celebrities, entrepreneurs and white-collar workers often report sudden death due to too much work. I think they are not just because of the work of the work, usually certainly irregular diet, coupled with no exercise, resulting in poor physical quality, this is completely collapsed.

So, it’s really necessary to have a workout.

So I bought a pair of running shoes, got a couple of favorite music, plugged in headphones, wore short sleeves and shorts and started running.

Due to the perennial real, run up really very tired, my heart was pounding hard, breathing difficulties, less than a kilometer was already out of breath, really terrible! I’m so young, and my strength has gone so far.

No, I decided to stick to it.

Feel at a loss? Why don't you go running together?
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The night air is very fresh, the park in Shenzhen city greening is done very well, everywhere are flowers and trees, lush green.

I ran and watched the pedestrians on the side of the road. Some of them walked slowly, like after dinner to digestion and leisurely walk, some left in a hurry, there may be what matters in the body, some riding bike sharing, to remind pedestrians in front of the bell, I can’t see their faces and facial expressions, only their own imagination guess their situation.

I also met a lot of people like me running out of night, they are not fat, the arm or waist tied with cell phone sets, headphones stuffed with headphones, there are companions, and I walk alone.

Impress me, is a pair of lovers (probably not), in order to accommodate the boys girls running speed, deliberately S shaped line, girls are a little fat, the boys look fairly strong from the body. The boy ran in the front, and turned around and looked at the girls from time to time. When the girl was about to stop, the boy ran back to her to refuel her.

I’ve been running along this route, and I’ve seen them both quite often. What a good boy, if I have an object, I hope he can run with me. At that time I thought so.

I gradually feel that running is not so annoying, I can persist for a month.

Skinny and skinny, I don’t feel particularly big, but sleep is much better than before.

I’m not as anxious as I used to be, and I find things that are good for myself, and I stick to it.

Running is really a good thing.

And then to the back, I met a fitness friend, and I went to the gym with him and started a new workout.

Feel at a loss? Why don't you go running together?
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I had never thought that I would spend money on card exercise, which is basically tantamount to looking for sin. But since I’ve tasted the benefits of running, I have not rejected new forms of exercise.

Anyway, try it first. Some strange equipment in the gym, I have never touched before, I can’t use it. I was afraid of losing face at first. I was afraid other people would feel like a stuffed bun.

Fortunately, there is a colleague of the friends, he has half a year of fitness experience, he has taught me how to use these instruments, save the coach money.

He told me that he also began work on a day Lanlansansan, go to Internet cafes to play games, hungry to eat out, the weekend is basically a day all night and sleep during the day.

This kind of casual life makes him work for several years, forty or fifty pounds fat, still sick. After a bad cold, he suddenly realized that he could not go on like this, so he began to exercise.

He is the kind of sports cell is fairly developed people, with their own video, online search data, actually so their own groping will be. He used all the equipment in the gym, and he was very skilled.

So, I started to follow God into iron, of course, is to start with the smallest weight.

I practice three or four times a week, shoulder, back, leg turns practice. My limbs and uncoordinated, a movement to teach several times will be, I was bored at the beginning, feel that there is no movement cells, frustration, but even so, I have to adhere to this for half a year.

Maybe it’s because of companionship that I can hold on for so long, but to be honest, I gradually love the rhythm.

Every time I do a barbell squat, straight legs, legs quickly cramps, I weighed in mind the current physical pain is absolutely greater than when I do math problems in school, mental pain. It’s a little ridiculous, though. I hate math so much that I often fail to pass the exam.

But Lu iron body’s pain, it is very difficult to endure. I don’t know what happens when the body produces lactic acid, which causes your muscles to damage and recover, and then becomes stronger.

I only know, when a group of action to do the last few, really need you to do all the strength, stick to the teeth in the end, not all can be completed.

No matter whether you finish it or not, the moment it stops is really cool. Sweat flows down your forehead to your cheeks, and then drops to the ground, which really gives you a great sense of satisfaction.

Because you’ve just challenged your physical limits.

I’m still in the white, half a year or a little weight, but I insist on going to the gym. Exercise keeps me in good health, exercise keeps my metabolism, and I’m not afraid of getting fat. Anaerobic exercise makes my muscles tighten.

It all started with deciding how to run, and I was glad I could take the steps to start running.

If you don’t know what to do now, try starting from running. The body and soul must have a road, running can let you release the pressure of the body, can let you have a stable sleep.

With a healthy body, you can think about doing more, and achieving more planning.

The benefits of running are not only good for your health, it also makes you think about a lot of things that have been tangled up in the time of relaxation, which is my personal experience.

It’s so hard to run. If you stick to it, what else are you afraid of?.

Don’t think too much. Let’s begin now.