Facebook Sound Collection Provides All Kinds of Sound Effects & Tracks

It’s a great bonus for these video makers. Facebook Sound Collection opens all kinds of sound effects & tracks for free download now!

As the Facebook page click rate continues to fall, these pictures or links are not so effective.  So, some people start making films or interact with their fans through live broadcasts. Its effect seems to be that Better.

However, the movie is not like the picture just to go through the free photo gallery (12 Free Photo Gallery For High Quality Photo Material) just fine, in addition to having the pictures, have to match the dubbing, music sound effects to have the best results.

No doubt, the production time and cost are increased, but there are still many online free resources can be leveraged to at least make the video look more professional while reducing the time in film production.

The Facebook Sound Collection

Fortunately, Facebook recently launched a “Facebook Sound Collection Database” service to filmmakers, opens thousands of music sound effects & tracks for free download!

This service is similar to the library of high-quality MP3 background music sound tracks provides by YouTube for free download.

At the moment, it with more than 2,500 music audio tracks in total, and the service allows you to search for specific categories, mood, length or vocal effects through filters. You can also search sounds by keyword.

The Facebook Sound library provides English and Chinese interface that can be previewed online or downloaded directly.

You should note that according to Facebook’s audio package licensing specification, for these materials are only available for use on the Facebook platform for creating, uploading and distributing videos.

It’s a free resource worthy of good use on fan pages or community managers who share videos on Facebook.

Free download website: Facebook Sound Collection