Eclipse XSD editor

How do you launch or install the Eclipse XSD editor?

According to this it seems it should work out-of-the-box. I created the XMLExamples project and when I open Catalogue.xsd Eclipse treats it as a text file. If I choose Open With > Other… there’s no XSD editor on the list.

I’m using Eclipse Indigo (3.7) on Mac OS X Lion.

How can one disable the XML editor in Eclipse for .xsd and related files?

I want to be able to double-click on an .xsd and have Eclipse open it in a text editor, but if I add a .xsd file association it shows up with the XML Editor as the first editor in the list and it sa

How Eclipse download and store XSD external files?

When I open XSD file in Eclipse( in XSD Editor), it download all xsd:import’s are contained in file. But if I don’t have internet, editor cannot download, it’s obvious. In preferences(Window -> Pre

How do create enum with Eclipse XSD editor

I’m creating an XSD for common web service types that will be used in WSDLs. One of the common types I need is an enum. My problem is when I execute wsimport the artifact generated is a class not an

Best XML editor for Eclipse [closed]

I am new to XML. Please tell me the best XML editor plugin for Eclipse. I need to create/edit XML and XSD files.

How to automate generating XML instances from XSD files, using Eclipse MDT XSD project?

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Update eclipse XML code complete when XSD changes

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Autocompletion (content assist) for XSD files in Eclipse

I am trying to create an XSD file in Eclipse using the text editor (I’m don’t like using graphical editors such as the XML or Schema builder GUIs). For java files Eclipse has a nice auto completion

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Swing editor for Eclipse

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Eclipse plugin editor

I want to create an editor in eclipse (as eclipse plug-in), for a java class that implement some interfaces i created. The editor will let the user edit some information (using a form) that will be pu


Which Eclipse package did you install? The XSD editor isn’t included with all of them. If you click on “details” for any package, you can see the included features. The one you’re looking for is org.eclipse.wst.xml_ui.feature.

Apparently the XSD editor wasn’t included in my package (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers). I added it using:

Help > Install New Software…

Work with:

Indigo –


Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development

And then:

Eclipse XML Editors and Tools

You can go alternatively to eclipse market place (Help>Eclipse Market place) and search for XSD Editor, you will see the one provided by The eclipse foundation which will be like the following. I already have it installed, so it is asking me to update/uninstall. If you have it as well, then it will show you the same screenshot.

Eclipse XSD editor