eclipse not showing Avd manager window and android project

I’m using Windows 7 and Eclipse Helios. I installed all packages successfully and I could run avd on the command line, but Eclipse was not showing the AVD Manager window and my android project. Why?

not showing Android And AVD manager in eclipse

i have installed Andorid SDK…i installed Android Plugin also..but eclipse not showing Android And AVD manager and it is also not showing ANDROID in windows->preferences also…help me out..

android sdk manager and avd manager icons are not showing in my eclipse

trying to reinstall the ADT plug in but Android SDK and AVD manager not showing.

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AVD Manager showing only one target option

I started with android studio and while I try to create a new device the AVD manager showing only one target i,e 4.2.2 as shown in the following figure. But in eclipse it is showing all the options.

Navigate to AVD Manager thru eclipse

Supposedly to get to AVD Manager in Eclipse, all I have to do is clicking Window > AVD Manager. My problem is when I click on window, there is no AVD Manager among the selections. I need to edit an

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Android SDK and AVD Manager installation

I am new to android development. Have tried a couple times downloading the Android SDK and ADT plugin for Eclipse In the Android SDK and AVD manager load fine but will not load any available packages.


I know its a bit late answer but for future generations – this is how its done: Click on Window > Customize perspective > Command Groups Availability tab. Check the “Android SDK and AVD Manager” option and hit the OK button.

Before doing what user1450537 said, check to see if you’re in the Java perspective. I was in the PHP perspective and couldn’t find it! duh

This is for new eclipse Neon:

Window ->Perspective -> Customize perspective -> Action Set Availability then Check the “Android SDK and AVD Manager” option and hit the OK button.