[dry] let you pay 10 times the web site, college students and business people please collect

As a passing person, I really want to talk about it. Whether you are a student or a job soon, I hope this article can help you.

[dry] let you pay 10 times the web site, college students and business people please collect
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If you want to be a great person, you should stop complaining in any situation. In fact, the middle of this is only one choice. You could have made a change in yourself, and you might have made yourself mediocre in a complaint. How to make yourself excellent is to choose the right direction, keep on learning, make progress, make your own advantages more prominent, or make your own shortcomings less or more difficult to find.

The following into the dry time, it is suitable for college students and the workplace to learn progress, in order to make themselves become better, is a continuous learning, progress, and constantly surpass yourself in a process.

1 、 School Online

At present, the school running online including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University quality courses, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California at Berkeley and other dozens of top universities at home and abroad. In the “global mousse class” published in 2016, the school online was named “one of the top three platforms with the best quality and good courses”. As of the middle of June 2016, the number of registered students online school reached 3 million, 5 million 500 thousand elective courses, the number of courses running has more than 1000.

2, MOOC nets

Chinese University MOOC (mu class) is a love course network, hand in hand cloud classroom to create online learning platform, each has the desire to enhance the people, you can study here in China’s best university courses, finished learning, you can also get certification.

3 Khan Academy

Khan (Khan Academy), was founded by American Salman Khan Bangladesh an educational nonprofit organization that aims to use the online movie free classes, the contents of the existing on mathematics, history, financial, physical, chemical and biological, astronomy and other subjects, teaching the film more than 4000 segments, each agency’s mission is to accelerate the age of students’ learning speed.

4, NetEase open class

Users can watch from the Harvard University and other world-class schools of public courses, free online Khan, wonderful video TED education organization, covering humanities, society, art, science, finance and other fields. NetEase open class translation platform aims to uphold the spirit of the Internet: openness, equality, collaboration, sharing, so that knowledge without borders!

5, NetEase cloud classroom

NetEase cloud classroom, is an online practical skills learning platform, mainly for learners to provide massive, high-quality courses, users can according to their degree of learning, independent arrangements for learning progress. Based on the practical requirements, the NetEase has established cooperation with many cloud classroom education and training institutions, the number of courses has reached 7100+, the total number of over 70000 hours, covering utility software, IT and Internet, foreign language learning, life Home Furnishing, hobbies, workplace skills, financial management, test certification, schools, education etc. ten categories.

6, Baidu pass lesson

The introduction of the national well-known Baidu pass class key school teaching teachers, adopt the teaching mode of network interactive live and on-demand, break through the limits of time and location, to provide convenient and efficient network learning channels for the majority of the students, the introduction of high-quality online courses.

7, Tencent classroom

Tencent QQ classroom with the advantage of the client to achieve real-time interactive online teaching; the audio and video capabilities and the use of QQ accumulated over the years, the live effect provides a smooth, high-quality courses; improve the Chinese distribution of educational resources and development status, are relying on the Internet to break the geographical restrictions, so that each determined to learn, a man with a dream. Can accept the outstanding teacher’s guidance and teaching.

8 、 Taobao Education

Taobao (Taobao education students) courses, providing electronic commerce, civil servants, PubMed, English, languages, oral English, TOEFL, IELTS education, certification exam, school counseling, style of art, life, early childhood parenting encyclopedia, computer IT, finance, marketing management, occupation skill courses training.

9 、 wheat Institute

The wheat, the first established in the business center in the United States IT online education institutions, has been with the famous American education company cooperation, the future will Everfount the output of a large number of high quality educational resources to china. I like this website very much. There are many free courses, and it’s more careful.

10, Bayesian network

Chinese new fashion is more than open class video website, network open class new curriculum, with online teaching function of the network classroom. You can find good teachers and courses, and you can also publish your own public lessons. Basic focus on the Internet field, the course is dry, there are fees for the course, free of charge is also good.

11, good HowNet

Good HowNet is a new community that focuses on life skills and hobbies, and shares your professional or hobby knowledge with your friends. Good HowNet began in May 7, 2011 beta, officially opened in October 1, 2011. At present, there are more than one thousand courses in HowNet, which provide various knowledge from life to professional skills. Similar to a small NetEase cloud classroom.

12 、 geeks College

Geeks college is Android development of online learning platform China, brings together dozens of top domestic projects and has many years of experience in Android development of teaching masters, elaborate thousands of high quality video tutorials, covers the basics of Android, the development of learning intermediate advanced, advanced promotion, project development and other professional Android development course.

13, class factory

The factory class provides Internet enterprise job related courses, for hot products, Internet companies in technology, design, maintenance and other direction provide post route course, also good at making fine an introductory course featured a lot of software available free of charge to college students.

14 、 starting school

Starting point of the Institute – Product Manager, Whampoa  military academy, is everyone’s product manager, community’s product manager training platform. Let more product enthusiasts realize product dreams, this site focuses on mobile Internet products related knowledge, if you like products, this site on the right.

15, radish nets

Radish network is intelligent elective Internet platform occupation education website, efficient, pioneering internet education industry occupation course column system, the user portrait, learning plan, Association recommend quality courses, and through large data track positioning students follow up. Radish network is designed to explore the Internet era of online learning mode in the future.

16. Tea tree net

The tea net Institute is mainly concerned with the design field. Design is the design and layout of the visual elements such as text, photos or patterns, which are displayed in newspapers, magazines, books, posters, leaflets, paper or online media. There are many courses, some of which are paid, but the free courses are also of good quality.

17 、 socket Institute

From the pan Internet learning community to the vertical learning community focusing on new media, the new media operation is a new industry skill and a new one. A lot of knowledge, the new media operation related knowledge, like new media friends, welfare came.

18, TED

TED, a privately owned non-profit organization in the United States, is known for its TED conference. The keynote of the TED speech is: Ideas, worth, spreading. [T], Technology technology [E], Entertainment entertainment [D], Design design. The speech has transformed TED from a club of 1000 people into a community of 100 thousand people a day.

19, TLIDEA 100

TLIDEA 100 is the best reputation of Internet marketing course learning website, all obtained from the actual effect of 3600 minutes of practical teaching video, 500 practical cases, the whole teachers assist training, help marketing white quick access to Internet marketing knowledge. Only by making progress can we surpass ourselves.

20 and ninth classes

The ninth class is a professional education platform product manager training and advertisement training from BAT, senior product manager, product line director and creative director, marketing director of 4A face to teach you how to make products and marketing in the form of the internet. Like, can pay attention to, and then learn.

21, soft cool

Soft cool is the first personalized Chinese pan IT learning program service providers, tutor one-on-one counseling, professional IT employment guidance, 24 hours online faq. Soft Android, Java, C can provide language, software testing, database and other video for users. Like the program students, welfare arrived.

22, Shanghai River School

Shanghai is a professional Internet learning platform, is committed to provide users with convenient and high-quality learning information, learning community, learning tools and learning network teaching platform and other products and services, including small children, language, study, work, interest and other rich content. It’s a big, all web site.

23, Xing Shuai Education

Xing Shuai Education (xsteach.com) is the most influential grassroots educational institutions Chinese, teaching covers office software teaching, web design, graphic design, 3D design, illustration, network marketing, film, photography and other industries.

24, begin school

Classes – Internet practitioners online learning community, designed to provide you with an entrepreneurial, Internet technology, Internet marketing, product UI design, business skills (word, Excel, PPT)… And other video online courses training.

25 、 beautiful college

Good school, learning from the well-known product development community “100 products” (www.chanpin100.com) founder of occupation education system of domestic Internet Product Manager, has more than 5 years of full-time professional teaching accumulation. Has successfully helped more than 8000 students grow into products, including the Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Sony, Intel, including domestic and international well-known enterprise product team.

26, Mu course nets

Mu class network (IMOOC) is the largest IT skills learning platform. Mu class network (IMOOC) provides a wealth of mobile terminal development, PHP development, web front-end, Android development, and HTML5 video tutorials, resources, open class.

27, everyone self-study network

The most complete tutorial site in all self-study nets (formerly I love learning), online watch free video tutorial, I want self-study network video tutorials, such as 3DMAX video tutorials, CAD video tutorials, excel video tutorials, flash video tutorials etc.!

28. Self-study network for College Students

I want to _ students’ self-learning network self-learning network video tutorial: economic management and marketing of electrical and electronic, computer, machinery, civil engineering, medicine and other agricultural and forestry university courses, Ps, UG, CAD, Word, Excel and other software video tutorials I want self-study website.

29, I want to self-study network

I’m going to teach myself – free video tutorials, a full range of software learning, 3D tutorials, graphic tutorials, multimedia production tutorials, office information tutorials, mechanical design tutorials, site production tutorials, computer training

30 、 software self-study network

Software self-study network is a share of AutoCAD, PS, flash, 3DMAX, PROE, Excel, Word, CorelDRAW, UG, ProtelDXP, AI, English and other video tutorials, I want to self-study network platform.

31, China tutorial network

Tutorial network is to provide computer related graphics and text, video tutorials and learning exchange platform comprehensive web site, especially Photoshop, illustrator, CorelDRAW and other graphic design professional, 3dsMAX, AutoCAD and so on.

32, 51 self-study network

Is a professional self-study website, provides me to want to teach oneself the network tutorial: self-study CAD, self-study pro/e, self-study C language and so on computer aided design, graph, image, computer programming, computer foundation and so on self-study website.

33, quality rice network

There are more than 500 well-known entrepreneurs, lecturers, more than 1000 online courses designed to serve entrepreneurs and provide them with exclusive business intelligence video services. It is an online video learning platform for entrepreneurs, college students and professionals. The team includes Shi Yuzhu, Ma Yun, Wang Shi and other business heavyweights and industry experts, covering marketing, entrepreneurial opportunities, leadership, and so on.

34, Excelhome

A website dedicated to learning excel. Very professional, industry first. There is video, there are pictures and text.

35, north wind Network

China’s leading IT online education and training community has java training, asp.net training, PHP training, C/C++ training, Android training, IOS training, iPhone development and other fine courses, with independent intellectual property courses more than 500.

36, erudite Valley video library

Provide Java, PHP, web design, graphic design, IOS, C++, network marketing, game development, free video tutorials, video coverage of a wide range, including real combat projects.

37, the finale!!! [just do it]

Remember the teacher said, know how important, professional is the most important. In fact, so many websites want to go, it is difficult to study in depth, you must have a focus. This is only a personal feel better video sites, may Xiaoqiang relatively concerned about the Internet, so these sites are basically related to the internet. This is also the shortage of this article. Also please exhibitions!

Experience: website http:||| in your brain ||| practice, practice, practice, and practice, something important to say four times!

The site in the front focuses more on fundamentals and theory. Some open courses, many courses similar to university courses, but the quality really can not say, are carefully selected classes! The site behind is a number of relatively professional video learning sites, basically have independent APP, even if you do not bring a computer, it is also easy to learn on the phone and iPad.

Want wages doubled, you need to have the corresponding ability, and, if you are still confused and hesitant, do not know their capabilities, so people think the best way is to recruitment websites, like BOSS direct hire, Zhaopin, hook, look at people’s requirements in accordance with their own ability? What do you take? What skills do you care about most, and then docking, and then go to depth study, double pay will be only a matter of time.

For college students, we must establish a long-term perspective, timely discovery of their preferences, and then pay attention to early recruitment skills, continue to learn, to accumulate! By the time you graduate, you will find how many times you have made progress. Do not be afraid of the white job, you still have time, as long as the direction is right, you are willing to work hard, then the future belongs to you.

Study tired, learn to relax properly, otherwise the efficiency of learning will be low.

This is my finishing 36Java learning website, I hope you can play when you do not study, and develop their own artistic temperament, ha ha. Hee hee!. If you like, you can pay attention to me. Oh, thank you for your approval!

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