Dry cargo | in the gym work, those coaches will not tell you two or three things

The summer is too hot, and so bestie wedding, part-time in the gym for a month, while the fitness side work, I was promoted from a fitness enthusiast, see learn, share with everyone one or two.

Dry cargo | in the gym work, those coaches will not tell you two or three things

1. the treadmill really hurts the knee

The first is the best way for iron under anaerobic and fat, and oxygen 30min-40min, depending on the movement intensity, especially when the afternoon and evening of most people, the treadmill is almost full. I heard running Gabriel only wounded knee long ago, I have a dead run half marathon, the whole spent a week. After that little run (which is why I say goodbye to plump).

The gym instructor is officially Business Hours at 2:00, our gym coach basically at that time is noon independent training, I found a phenomenon at that time, either before or after the warm-up training practice of aerobic, all of them, without exception, very consistent choice of elliptical instrument.

One of the coach is preparing match, just in case I still question to spy on a treadmill was confirmed at wounded knee problems, he himself or cycling coach, but only for a week with a lesson, he usually does not use bicycle as aerobic training, will not take classes, if you want to warm-up and aerobic, must be ellipsometer.

Dry cargo | in the gym work, those coaches will not tell you two or three things

2. three points seven points to eat the importance of eating

Hard exercise didn’t achieve the desired results, most because of eating wrong.

To prepare or coach as an example, every day I see he is eating boiled vegetables and then a large white Steamed Rice a chicken breast, white Steamed Rice is sometimes carbon water vegetables like cauliflower instead of a little oil, No. The chicken breast is bigger. The lunch box is bigger than my face.

Of course, the diet is so hard because he wants to match fat. I have a membership, because the need to increase the fat thin, the coach made is usually to eat snacks, stomach not so much? Nothing to drink, put the stomach big. What to eat? What what to eat high calorie, no food, the best fitness after eat high calorie, bedtime eat cake. After eating, you can’t sit down. You’d better not go straight to sleep.

Heard such a happy life the way I envy at the side of the hand wringing hands, I asked members of the sentence: it is not my face big change? Coach:……

Dry cargo | in the gym work, those coaches will not tell you two or three things

3., the best time to run cards is at the end of the month, and the group

Membership consultant hub at the end of the time performance, at this time you some small additional request, as long as not too excessive, basically can meet the. Especially go to it by twos and threes, because the number of advantages more easily to offer, you can try two people can walk a couple card price, or 35 people can reduce one hundred per piece of this, may also have some experience card to send to friends, membership consultant for the old and new will meet the basic purpose.

Fitness for a period of time and membership consultant cooked, you can ask, you bring friends to do card, can give you a month time, the price of the hardware is similar, the boss set a time limit, but this kind of software but can accommodate.

Dry cargo | in the gym work, those coaches will not tell you two or three things

4. how to choose a personal trainer

Generally speaking, when you enter the store, which coach in turn, which coach reception, if after some exchanges feel that there is indeed the need for private teaching, will directly buy in this coach here.

One suggestion is that can be observed for a week, to see what the coach is more professional, or to teach others more seriously, and then choose based on a certain understanding of the early, if you are not sure, take the initiative to communicate a talk, look at each other’s degree can be.

Dry cargo | in the gym work, those coaches will not tell you two or three things

5. new gym careful selection

Gym in the early stage of the activity will be very big, very attractive, that is for the pre membership basis and make concessions, from a healthy point of view, the newly renovated gym is a certain harm. In the process of exercise, the oxygen demand is greater, and the harmful gas you inhale will be more, the loss outweighs the gain.

One suggestion is that if the environment is really good, equipment in place, can take advantage of the discount card to take, but don’t be so on for about half a year, go to inspect, almost to the card.

The problem about how to choose the gym I as an old driver can find another a detailed explanation.

Basically, you can talk about other little details.

Toilet public use with caution

As a Virgo, I’ve seen a female friend with a blower blowing her private parts, blowing her feet, oh, oh, I can’t look directly at the hairdryer.

The freezer careful buy dairy products

In front of the store is closed to shut the gates of the night in the freezer, drink milk ah ah, the evening is not ice, itself is not what, but I’m not sure every day so hot and cold drink can…… Even if you wake up.

Dry cargo | in the gym work, those coaches will not tell you two or three things

If someone hits a line

Eyes must be polished, if indeed call, see that the other side is only for you or central air conditioning, even if the investigation for a period of time, do not resist the temptation of good flesh, careful and cautious ah.

How to maximize the efficiency of personal trainer’s dry cargo

It’s a bit late, this next time.