Disable Visual Assist X for certain project types

Is there any way to disable Visual Assist X for all project types but C/C++?

I’m switching a lot between C++ and C# projects, and I way prefer Resharper for handling C# projects. I know I can enable/disable Visual Assist manually through the toolbar, but is it possible to configure it so it will be disabled by default unless it’s a C/C++ project?


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Is there any way to disable VA X when launching VS and turn it back on only when needed? Since it will cause some lag. I seem can’t find the option either in VS’s option or VA’s option.

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Can one install Whole Tomato’s Visual Assist X in Microsoft’s Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition?

Do you know software support assist for Visual C++ 2010 Express ?, as Visual Assist X for Visual Studio

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I am looking for a way to disable the text of similar values being highlighted when you click/edit a variable, i.e. I click enemyValue and type something next to it and it automatically highlights all

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Running Visual Assist X and ReSharper 5.0 at the same time

VS 2005/2008/2010 I have latest Visual Assist X and Resharper 5.0 installed at the same time. I found some Resharper shortkeys and functionality became disabled or stopped working. Do these 2 plugins


After speaking to their support line it seems as if it’s not possible. However you can tell Visual Assist to ignore certain file types, such as .cs.

Visual Assist X Options -> Projects -> File Handling and then add .cs

It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it seems to work.