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I have a datetime coming back from an XML file in the format:

20080916 11:02

as in

yyyymm hh:ss

How can i get the datetime.parse function to pick up on this? Ie parse it without erroring? Cheers

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DateTime.ParseExact(input,"yyyyMMdd HH:mm",null);

assuming you meant to say that minutes followed the hours, not seconds – your example is a little confusing.

The ParseExact documentation details other overloads, in case you want to have the parse automatically convert to Universal Time or something like that.

As @Joel Coehoorn mentions, there’s also the option of using TryParseExact, which will return a Boolean value indicating success or failure of the operation – I’m still on .Net 1.1, so I often forget this one.

If you need to parse other formats, you can check out the Standard DateTime Format Strings.

Thanks for the tip, i used this to get my date “20071122” parsed, I needed to add datetimestyles, I used none and it worked:

DateTime dt = DateTime.MinValue;

DateTime.TryParseExact(“20071122”, “yyyyMMdd”, null,System.Globalization.DateTimeStyles.None,out dt);