Custom Color SVG

I had a HTML template with some SVG icons and logos.

With Adobe Ilustrator I found the file “LOGO.SVG”, the file is black color – but in the HTML template the same LOGO.SVG appears in 3 different colors – BLACK, WHITE and RED.

With Adobe Illustrator I change the LOGO.SVG:

  • I open LOGO.SVG file
  • I paste my logo in vector format
  • I copy the black # color code from the old logo.svg
  • I put the same # color code in my logo
  • I delete the old logo
  • and I save the SVG file.

When I reload the HTML the logo appears but only in black.

If I only open the SVG file and “save” the problem occurs again.

Then I think the problem isn’t with my logo – but with the Ilustrator SVG format.

What I need to do to save the SVG file properly?