Constellix Sonar Lite – A Free Website Speed Detection Tool

Constellix Sonar Lite is a free website speed detection tool for website developers to exclude performance problems.

If you are an advanced web developer, you know something about “Constellix” service providers. No matter the speed, stability, or functionality of some are the top rankings.

Constellix Sonar Lite - A Free Website Speed Detection Tool

To further find that Constellix is DNS Made Easy it is another brand. Of course, the technical capabilities of this well-known service is beyond doubt, and the Constellix direction and DNS Made Easy are some differences.

If you are looking for pay faster and more stable DNS service providers, then the two can be taken into account range.

Here, we want to recommend the Constellix Sonar Lite to you is a free website tool. In fact, it’s a Chrome extension, developed by Constellix for users to download free of charge.

You can through these free tools to track the performance of your site, to improve its speed, or to find and solve it’s performance problems.

Sonar Lite lists the speed of recently visited websites and graphically shows the loading time required for each section.


In fact, there are quite a lot of tools like Sonar Lite, and you not need have to use Sonar Lite.

The reason I want to recommend it due to the trust in the service of Constellix. In addition to using Sonar Lite to analyze website performance, you can also choose to test whether sites can connect normally from nodes around the world, and DNS records returned by different DNS providers for a domain name query.

Constellix Sonar Lite is a very useful to do:

  • Monitor real-time load speed of website, and the average recorded in the browser
  • Display the time of each action loaded on a web page to help identify problems
  • Perform debugging or related testing from Sonar Lite’s monitoring nodes in different countries


Chrome plugin install:

Of course, you can also choose to use: