Colors.css – A Collection of Skin Classes To Use While Prototyping in Browser

Colors.css is a nicer color palette for the web. Colors.css with a collection of skin classes to use while prototyping in the browser.

Web color used to express a variety of colors in Web development. In 1999, developing HTML 4.01 version to determine the 16 default colors of the English name and hex code.  After more than a decade of network The rapid development of change, although these colors are still used, it seems also some outdated, the color used on the old site now looks no longer “modern”.

If you have used some of the tools or services that provide website color matching, you will find that the current colors are different from those of a decade ago.  So some people think about it might be to update these default colors. (check out: RGB Color Reference Table)

Colors.css is a project that provides a better default color palette for web pages. As the color of the page over a decade ago is no longer in line with the current design trend. Therefore, someone decided to adjust it slightly by comparing the color to make the color not too saturated.  And also can eliminate the original color to bring the reader is very tense feeling.

For example:

The black color from # 000000 to # 111111, blue from # 0000FF into # 0074D9, to maintain the same tone, and to eliminate the discordant contrast effect. So that these colors can be applied to any existing layout configuration will not produce incongruity sense. The following figure is the original 16 kinds of preset color and Colors modified color control, you can see many of the soft colors, but also more in line with contemporary web design needs.

Colors.css is a nicer color palette for the web

If you want to use Colors’s choice of 16 preset color palettes for development, you can download CSS stylesheets free from the official website. What’s more importantly, it offers free palettes that allow you to quickly import colors into your designs Software, easy to use these colors, including Photoshop .aco, Illustrator’s .ase and Gimp / Inkscape applicable .gpl format.

How to use Colors.css?

1. Open the Colors project website, you can see the new default page color. Through the Colors.css style sheet can also quickly apply the color to the SVG components, the site provides some preview.

Colors.css - a nicer color palette for the web

2. How to get a style sheet?

It’s very simple. Find Get Colors to get the related links to download, or through the command to download, or directly use the CSS style sheet into your website.

The CSS style sheet is fairly streamlined, with only 647 Bytes after compression, including background, foreground color, frame color, and SVG fill and border styles.

Colors.css - a nicer color palette for the web-3

3. Colors.css offers color files that allow designers to quickly export colors into their own drawing software.

4. Colors.css also offers the “A11Y”  color option, through the combination of text foreground and background color allows the site to conform to the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) specification. Which means that text and background Color to reach a large enough difference, sufficient contrast to be able to meet a certain degree of legibility. So that physical and mental disabilities can be the normal reading.

Colors.css website: