Cato – Open Source “command line” Browser Launcher [Chrome / Opera]

Cato is an open source command line launcher, which is suitable for Chrome and Opera, to achieve search bookmarks, open/close tabs, control extensions, calculator, mute, copy URL and other functions. Cato supports for custom appearance, shortcut keys lovers Essential.
It is a very similar to the introduction of Chrome in the Alfred, quick start application, management extension: Steward very similar to the expansion.

Cato default outgoing shortcut Mac: Command ⌘ + J / Windows and Linux: Ctrl + J, then you can use the command line to play Chrome.

Cato - an open source command line launcher

Including (brackets within the order, do not need all the input, will automatically match, need to choose up and down):

  • Add/delete the current tab is a bookmark (Bookmark)
  • Create New Window / New Tab (New)
  • Close the tab (Close)
  • Close the current window All tabs In addition to the current tab (Close)
  • Copy the current page URL (Copy)
  • Calculator
  • Search and switch tabs (Change)
  • Open the current tab in a new window (Detach)
  • Management extension: start, stop, write in (Extensions)
  • Duplicate the current tab (Duplicate)
  • Play, pause
  • video (Play)

  • Rearrange the tab
  • and many more

Open source In Github, as well as Chrome extensions, Opera extensions.