Can't serve file with json properly

var base64Img = require('base64-img');
var url = "http://home/asim/Desktop/MEAN/fb/public/images/"+req.session.user+".jpeg";
base64Img.requestBase64(url, function(err, res, body) {
console.log(res);     //prints undefined
console.log(body);    //prints undefined
console.log(url);     //prints url

The url being printed is “http://home/asim/Desktop/MEAN/fb/public/images/asim.jpeg” which is the exact url of the picture that I want to send along with my json data.
My directory structure is :-

----app.js(server running here)
----server(contains routes and models)
----client(contains .html with angular code)

What to do to send the image along with json response?

My guess is your image isn’t being served from http://home/asim/… – or if it is, shouldn’t be.

Given your processing this image on your server, you’ll need to supply the absolute file path to the image

var url = `${__dirname}/public/images/${req.session.user}.jpeg`