Can’t run my app with Genymotion

I have installed Genymotion in my osx (I am using Android Studio). The Genymotion icon appears in the ide toolbar but I can’t run my app with this emulator, since it is not shown in my AVD manager. How can I make this work ?

Edit :@pyus13, I can’t find any bottom tab button, here’s a screen

Can't run my app with Genymotion

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To summarize for others:

  1. Start the genymotion emulator you want to install/run the application on
  2. Open terminal and restart adb with the commands adb kill-server then adb start-server
  3. In terminal type adb devices and make sure the emulator shows up
  4. In Android Studio under the run configurations change “Target Device” to “Show chooser dialog”
  5. Run the application as normal and, when prompted, select the genymotion emulator.