Can’t change target API in AVD Manager

When I create a new virtual device in AVD Manager, in the target drop down menu I only have two options available: API levels 8 and 17 (2.2 and 4.2.2), although I have installed all APIs in between, with all their subcomponents. What’s more, if I do select 4.2.2 the OK button is disabled.

How can I add target APIs to the AVD Manager? Aren’t they directly linked to the SDKs I’ve got installed?

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I started with android studio and while I try to create a new device the AVD manager showing only one target i,e 4.2.2 as shown in the following figure. But in eclipse it is showing all the options.

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They aren’t tied to the SDK versions that you have installed; the available AVD versions are tied to the system images that you have installed via the SDK manager.

For example, you can see ARM EABI v7a System Image, Intel x86 Atom System Image, and MIPS System Image under Android 4.2 (API17) in the SDK manager.

Maybe you need to check your path to SDK location, it might be pointing to other SDK location where only Android 4.2.2-API Level 17 & Android 2.2-API Level 8 is installed.

You can do so by going to Window -> Preferences (in your eclipse), in Preferences goto Android, in Android you will see the SDK Location. Browse & change SDK Location to the SDK location where your Android SDK tools is installed. For Eg.: C:/Program Files (x86)/Android/android-sdk

Just encountered the same thing. Try restarting Eclipse.

Just go to Android SDK Manager 1) ensure the path- points to location u installed your SDK

2)Check Android 4.2.2(API 17) checkBox

3)Press Install button