Can you add Mailto links in css style tags

Can one add mailto (any anchor link) into your style tag?
The reason I’m asking is, I have some styling elements that is not working with my email anchor link in my html body tag, so I was wondering, if I can just add it to my CSS instead, to try see if that will work, can that be done?

If so, what tags do i use?

If this is my example:

<a><h1 id="emailLink" style="color:red">Email us here</h1></a> 

If your question is whether you can define mailto as a CSS property, then the answer is no. mailto is a link prefix, signaling the browser that the following string is an e-mail address, and should be handled as such. For example:

<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="mailto:[email protected]">Send e-mail</a>

On the other hand, this isn’t valid, because mailto isn’t a known CSS property:

<a style="mailto:[email protected]">Send e-mail</a>

You need to use a tag and style it as such: a[href^=”mailto:”]{color: red;} or a[href^=”mailto:”]{color: inherit;}. The ^= is special css comparison to target element which href property starts with- in this case- mailto:.