Blade – Lightning Fast & Elegant MVC Framework For Java 8

Blade is a lightning fast & elegant MVC framework for Java 8.

Introduce of Blade

Blade is a pursuit of simple, efficient Web framework, so that java web development even more powerful, both in performance and flexibility.

If you like to try something interesting, Blade is the best choice for you and you will love it.

Blade - Lightning Fast & Elegant MVC Framework For Java 8

Simplicity: The design is simple, easy to understand and doesn’t introduce many layers between you and the standard library. The goal of this project is that the users should be able to understand the whole framework in a single day.

Eleganceblade supports the RESTful style routing interface, has no invasive interceptors and provides the writing of DSL grammar.

Easy to deploy: support maven package jar file running.

Features of Blade

  •  A new generation of MVC frameworks that do not depend on more libraries
  •  Get rid of SSH’s bloated, modular design
  •  Source less than 500kb, learning is also simple
  •  Restful style routing design
  •  Template engine support, view development more flexible
  •  High performance, 100 concurrent qps 14w/s
  •  Run the JAR package to open the web service
  •  Streaming API style
  •  Supports plug-in extensions
  •  Support webjars resources
  •  Built-in a variety of commonly used middleware
  •  Built-in JSON output

Blade project website: