Attaching additional javadoc in Intellij IDEA

When I use quick documentaion lookup (Ctrl+Q) on j2ee classes or annotations in IDEA I only get an empty javadoc. It only contains the basics like class name.

How do I add the javadoc to the libs IDEA provides itself?

Intellij IDEA show javadoc automatically

When I am coding at Netbeans it autocompletes the code and show Javadocs. However when I am using Intellij IDEA if I click Ctrl+Space I can see the auto-complete and if I click Ctrl+Q I can see the ja

Intellij IDEA. Generate javadoc as jar archive

How should I generate javadoc for my project (class library) as jar archive using Intellij IDEA 11? Is there any way to generate javadoc within generating artifact (jar archive) for my project?

How to see JavaDoc in IntelliJ IDEA?

I just switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ and lack one feature from Eclipse – when you put your mouse over a method it shows a javadoc info. I found out (may be I’m wrong) the way to show is a shortcut

Images in Javadoc with IntelliJ Idea

I’m trying to include images in my JavaDoc. I follow documentation and store an image in the doc-files in the package directory. My javadoc looks like: /** * This is class desctiprion. Image: * <p&

How to remove an custom javadoc tag from Intellij-IDEA

I accidentally created a custom javadoc tag in Intellij-IDEA by clicking the light bulb. Does anybody know how to delete it again?

How configure Intellij Idea javadoc templates?

I have some method: public int getSomeField() I want to generate javadoc like this: /** * Gets {someField} * * @return value of {someField} */ Where {someField} is placeholder for field name. It is

Shortcut for close Intellij IDEA Javadoc

How to close JavaDoc window with hotkey’s? I know for open it I should press Ctrl+Q when cursor is on class, method, whatever signature. What I should press for close it?

IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.2 javadoc and tabs

I hate to ask such simple questions, but nothing I found so far helped me… So, I’ve recently started using IntelliJ instead of Eclipse and there are 2 things that really bothers me… 1.) size of ja

Manage source and javadoc for Grails automatic dependencies in IntelliJ IDEA?

How do I attach source and javadoc to libraries in IntelliJ IDEA that are linked automatically by Grails dependency resolution and are not explicitly listed in the IDEA project settings? For example i

Can I view the javadoc for an implementation rather than the interface in IntelliJ IDEA?

I am using a third party library in my Intellij IDEA project. When I have the caret on a method name I can hit Ctrl-Q to get javadoc in the ‘Quick Documentation Lookup’ window, however only the method


You can attach javadoc to any library you have configure in your module or project. Just access the project structure windows, then select “modules” and select the module that has the dependency you want to configure.

Then select the “Dependencies” tab, select the dependency that’s missing the javadoc and click “Edit”. In the window that just showed up you see two buttons “Attach Javadoc” and “Specify Javadoc URL”. If you have the javadoc in a jar file select the first one, if you want to point to a web site that contains the javadoc select the latest. That’s it.

What about documentation for an extension API? I had added the j3d API to my jdk1.6 and use it succesfully, next step, get the javadoc

Forget the links on (It is a mess) Go directly to and get all the stuff (API, javadoc, get the source even -for every package-)

Go to your jdk and selected the documentation path and add the javadoc zip. Go to the source tab and add the source’s zip

You’re done.

Actually only the source is needed to enjoy javadoc and the uncompiled classes