Arabic letters shown disconnected in Flash

I am having this issue where Arabic letters are shown disjoint in any component (e.g. Label or TextInput) in Flash. Any suggestions?

Arabic ‘disconnected’ letters in Android

I am looking for an app or any library (ready to use) for my smartphone (HTC Desire S with 2.3.5 android, sense 3.0 and NOT deodexed) whici supports arabic language and solves the problem of ‘disconne

How to write separated Arabic letters?

I’m making a program that accepts Arabic letters in EditText and those letters must be not linked together. And as far as I know, Arabic letters are linked together. Example : Arabic letters like (كلب

encode arabic letter unichar to regular letters

please help me to encode the unichar arabic letters that i have in my Alphabet.xml file to regular arabic letters. For example: encode 0x0628 to regular arabic ب (B). I have used: -(void)loadDataFro

[solved]HTML pattern Arabic letters

I want to insert the Arabic letters in the pattern just like the English letters pattern=[a-zA-Z0-9-_. ]{1,30} Well I have no idea how to accomplish the action so it would be great if someone helps

Scrapy on arabic letters returns something strange

I am using scrapy on arabic letters and english letters. The english letters work perfectly. However, the arabic letters shows like this: gs300 2006 /u0644/u0643/u0632/u0633 /u062c/u064a Any help, pl

Android : Connected and colored arabic letters

I want to display connected AND colored arabic letters on a android view (webview or textview). First, I’ve used TextView without color and the arabic displayed correctly. When I use spannableString,

postscript and Arabic letters

I have a postScript file with some Arabic text, and GhostScript does not render the text correctly. Even converting the postScript to PDF gives same result. The PS file has the text readable and corre

How can i Match arabic letters using regexp in php

How can i Match arabic letters with regexp in php My Code $name = $_GET(name); if (arabic letters only and spaces) // using regexp

allow only Arabic Letters in textbox using JavaScript

I have aspx page that have TextBox control for User Arabic Name I want to Allow user to type only arabic letters in textbox using JavaScript

Textview is Messing up with Arabic Letters

i am develop an android application that let the user to insert some information in Edit text (in Arabic letters) like user name, and showing his inserted information in another Activity by using text


These blog posts might be of help:

Flash did not have a good text engine for right-to-left languages. It has one starting with version 10, but the authoring tools did not catch up yet.

You can use the next text engine by taking the helper library they published (, or by using the new Spark components in Flex 4, which use the new text engine by default.

Flash CS5 has the ability now to deal with arabic letter from right to left with connecting letter just look for the locale select menu in the text menu and look for The ability to create right-to-left text for Arabic and Hebrew scripts.

Flash CS5 character styles

its working very nice 🙂

I used Embedding font and Device Font for Anti-Aliasing in Flash CS5, worked for me