application.conf for Scala SBT Akka Actors

I was wondering.. where do you put the application.conf file that configures actors in a file? I’m trying to do what is being done here but SBT is not picking up on the file – I was under the impression that SBT will find the application.conf and automatically add it to my -classpath. I currently have application.conf in /project/application.conf

The error I’m getting is:

[ERROR] [04/11/2012 16:08:13.174] [] [akka://HittingTimeSystem/user/master] error while creating actor
akka.config.ConfigurationException:router Actor[akka://HittingTimeSystem/user/master/workerRouter] needs external configuration from file (e.g. application.conf)

Thanks! -kstruct

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It should end up on the classpath if you put it in src/main/resources/application.conf