Apple recommends new rules for 2017

Since the iOS11 system upgrade, App Store big changes, Apple’s new self-help recommended channel, the following recommendations for Apple recommended background self filling content and official introduction.


  • Apple is locally edited and can be written in full Chinese (also available in English)
  • Product introduction, video and other promotional materials are using YouTube (external network link)
  • Fill in the content at a later stage, if supplemented, submit the update at the original background address

The following is to fill in the content: Apple has localization editor, you can use Chinese to fill in.

Developer Information

  • Developer Information: describe developers (pay attention to personal accounts and company accounts)
  • Developer site: fill in the developer support site

Application information

  • Application name:
  • APPID:
  • A list of Apple technologies that describe applications that provide critical functionality or support, and share their business models. Control within 1000 characters.
  • Version number: 1.0.1
  • Version highlights: this recommended version highlights
  • The on-line platform: (only iPhone, only iPad, MacOS, iOS, iOS+TV, AppleTV) iOS device: support iPhone, iPad: Apple Watch (yes, no support, future release), iMessage (support, is not and will release)
  • Is it for children?:
  • App Store categories: game categories
  • Issuing countries: for example, China (mainland)
  • Support languages: for example, simplified Chinese
  • Estimated APP review time: for example, battleship handbag time, September 1st
  • Scheduled release time: official release time: here is related to the recommended position, you can fill in according to actual needs

Links: upload the chain, do not use the domestic SkyDrive

  • Apps official website
  • Demo video (product video direct transmission YouTube can)
  • Marketing plan (recommended keynote slides, control file size)

Business model: charge or free charge?

  • Business model: according to the actual project selection (free, free value-added, Fu Fei value-added, Fu Fei)
  • IAP charging point: lists the on-line charging points

Marketing plan

  • Briefly describe or directly provide links to marketing plans;
  • Don’t exaggerate your marketing. It’s better to actually confirm the plan.

Development story

  • The unique features of the application, and the inspiration for creating this app (game);
  • Apple loves to listen to stories and control within 1000 characters.

The following is an official statement by apple:

Get selected

The App Store editors demonstrate the application in a compelling and informative way with compelling stories. Our editors make decisions based on a variety of factors, all of which are great products that customers will love.
does not have a payment location or requirement list for our written or functional applications.


The application of App – Store editors talk about a unique story for example, application developers behind the observation of how to start a disruption of industry, or an application to help customers solve a unique problem.

Applications and games

When considering application capabilities, our editor looks for all classes of high-quality applications, with special attention to new applications and applications with significant updates. Our editorial considerations include:

  • User interface design: application availability, attractiveness, and overall quality
  • User experience: the efficiency and functionality of applications
  • Innovation: application for solving unique problems for customers
  • Localization: high quality and relevance
  • Auxiliary function: integrated function is complete
  • App Store product page: compelling screenshots, application previews and descriptions
  • Uniqueness

For games, editors are also considered:

  • Gameplay and participation
  • Image and expressiveness
  • audio frequency
  • Narrative and story depth
  • Sticky gameplay
  • Game manipulation

Apple recommends
self-help channel:

Hope that the above content can help you, I wish the recommendation smoothly.