Ajax jabber/XMPP client recommendations (real experience only please) ! [closed]

i’m setting up a chat system for my niche social site and have decided on ejabberd for the server side, but i cannot find any decent web-based ajax clients. most seem to be abandoned years ago or simply do not work. i’ve looked at every single one here :


Is anyone running a live site and using an ajax-based client that they can vouch for that works and is in active development ? I do not mind paying for something, but I do not want to do any development work whatsoever.

thanks in advance.

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If you are ready to go ahead and build out custom UI for your chat application + doing some PHP/Javascript/XMPP stuff you may checkout Jaxl library. It have several examples on how to build a web based client for real-time chat.

Alternately you can simply try out ready to use chat client from Jaxl IM which is a generic/scalable client written using Jaxl library.

I played with strophe.js a lot in the past. It is a really cool library for writting xmpp clients(pure javascript). In his book professional xmpp he explains how to write a multi-user-chat client in javascript. I guess you have to do some coding, but this library is really powerfull and you have complete control.

I’m unsure of its maintainership status, but I usually point people who ask me this question to TrophyIM. It is a small and themeable chat client written on top of Strophe.js.

If you want group chat, you can try Speeqe (see it in action here), which is also based on Strophe.js.

Most people have very specific needs in the web domain, and I think this contributes to the lack of generally useful web-based IM clients. You can easily write one yourself, and there are several examples of such systems in my book, Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery.

Disclaimer: I wrote Strophe.js and the book so I am obviously biased.

We just released Candy under MIT-License, an AJAX Jabber Client built with Strophe.js.

Why Candy?

  • Focused on real-time multi-user chatting
  • Easy to configure, easy to run, easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • 100% well-documented JavaScript source code
  • Built for Jabber (XMPP), using famous technologies
  • Used and approved in a productive environment with up to 400 concurrent users
  • Works with all major web browsers including IE7

Take a look 🙂

SparkWeb is a decent web based XMPP client. I understand question is quite old, thought of sharing the information, may be someone might find this helpful

Another one that’s doing rather well is https://jappix.com/ which is open sourced here https://github.com/jappix. With an overview of the different sub-projects here http://jappix.org/features

Depending on your needs Jappix Mini may be all you need. (Facebook like bottom-right chat widget) Otherwise you could get a copy of the full client running.

I use iJab. It’s small, simple, fast, Facebook look and feel. http://code.google.com/p/ijab/