53 days to lose weight 32 pounds, how do I do?

At the beginning of July, I suddenly felt too fat, I want to lose weight!

But when I told my friends about losing weight, nobody believed; when they went home and told their loved ones, they didn’t believe I could stick to it. So many people do not believe that I can adhere to, but aroused my ambition — I must stick to them.


In July 13th, I started our weight loss journey with two young partners.

Our initial plan is divided into three stages, 10 days a day, climbing early in the morning, brisk walking at night, half an hour, no dinner. After every day to the top of the hill made a circle of friends, one is to motivate yourself, but also hope to make friends supervision.

Start climbing at 6 in the morning.

For a height and weight number is almost the same as the fat man, climbing really tired, the way how many times I want to turn back, but eventually subdued — once abandoned, this life I will not be able to lose weight.

1 hours later, I finally climbed to the top of the mountain. Drenched, the clothes can be directly twisted out of the water.

Down my legs have been feeble trembling, go a little rest, otherwise I am afraid they will leg a soft directly rolling down the hill, it is no fun.

Down the mountain, I used it close to 50 minutes.

The first pain is not the first day, but the first week. So does weight loss.

After the first day, backache leg pain pain in the ass. Second days in the morning do not remember, but still teeth up, I must adhere to!

At the foot of the mountain, the two legs are heavy like lead, so I want to go home and not climb. But since it has arrived at the foot of the mountain, not climbing too much, and now give up will be surrounded by people joke, stick to it.

Every day of the week was spent in indecision and suffering, but eventually it persisted. Looking at one week’s circle of friends and losing weight every day, the sense of achievement is full.

The first week is a period of habit rebellion, and about 42% of people will give up at this time. This week, it’s basically half done.

The second phase plan has been adjusted.

Get up at 4:00 every morning, ride a bike to climb mountains; swim half an hour in the evening; run for 40 minutes in the evening.

On the first day, I was riding down my butt, and that little cushion couldn’t sit on my fat ass. More than 50 minutes of riding back and forth really don’t want to say anything. But my fellow peers insisted, why do I have to shrink? Stick with your teeth!

The third stage is obviously improved, the body basically adapted, running is not as breathless as before, riding and climbing speed are significantly improved. Originally to the foot of the mountain need to ride more than 50 minutes into more than 30 minutes, 1 hours to shorten the mountain to more than 30 minutes, downhill can trot, the fastest time only 13 minutes. Riding in the morning and riding 20 kilometers in the evening is no longer a painful thing.

I’m beginning to love sports.

Second months basically followed the third stage, the weight continued to decline, everyone who saw me was surprised by my change.

In addition to the discomfort of the initial exercise, the tough night diet.

In order to achieve better weight loss, I did not eat at night. At first I was not used to it, I was hungry. Hungry, I drink plenty of water. My wife always advised me to eat less, but in order to achieve the desired effect, I insisted on eating one mouthful.

The most painful is my light fasting for three days, the children go to school only I loved to work busy cooking. Every time cooking is torture. Smelling the dishes, I really want to taste it. Third days fasting night, cooked beef watching, I really want to have a taste, hand in the beef, but eventually shrink back.

Any pain will not be white, all the pay will have harvest. These three days, apple food is very effective, I lost 8 Jin 6 two.

53 days to lose weight 32 pounds, how do I do?


Fifty-third days of weight loss, my weight from 172 to 140, this weight loss experience brought me not only fat less, the whole people have changed a lot.

Relaxed body

Weight loss is the most direct change in weight loss, the whole people become relaxed and spiritual.

Before sleep snoring, often find it difficult to breathe, I would hold up, after slim down, I don’t sleep snoring.

Before running must be breathless, always be my lover throw off a big piece, now although tired, but no longer pant.

The body became relaxed, and the physical fitness was much better than before. Before playing with a professional player in our district, five minutes sweat, tired can not only end, but now 50 minutes without problems.

The body is light, what all feel strong.

Develop good habits

1. sleep early and get up early

I love watching TV. I can see two or three nights before I go to bed. Now, because of getting up early, TV basically quit, mobile phone 10 automatic shutdown, 10 point before I must sleep.

Lose weight this time, keep up early and get up early, the whole person is very spiritual.

2. basic abstinence

Before friends shout out drinking, others advise always embarrassed to refuse. Now to lose weight is a good reason to lose weight during the basic do not drink, but because they do not eat dinner, so dinner in too little, occasionally attending, not only pay attention to diet, and to drink.

Self regulation becomes stronger

Used to do what things are always three days fishing nets two days of drying, every time not to, but to lose weight this time let me start to believe that I can be one thing to insist to do what the weight so difficult to insist on down, and what I cannot insist?

Losing weight, training my willpower and self-discipline, now self-discipline is much stronger than before.

After losing weight, the efficiency of my work has also improved significantly. Always doing things always drag, but now, think of me, can do it immediately. And every morning when I get up, I consciously think about what three things I need to do every day, and then do it one by one.

The whole state of life changes, and life becomes more meaningful and positive.

Evaluation promotion

I don’t believe I can insist on losing weight of friends, see my obvious changes, have thumbs up, admire I can persist for so long.

Let me the most happy is my evaluation of the love child is also high, love said she began to admire me (which is the highest rating she gave me the child;) said “Dad, we didn’t expect you to adhere to it, become the example of children is my favorite things.

In my influence, some of the friends around me began to exercise, looking at the friends around me because of my influence and began to pay attention to the body, pay attention to health is also a very sense of accomplishment.

53 days to lose weight 32 pounds, how do I do?


Losing weight is really a painful process, and there are three main reasons why I can keep losing weight.

Strong desire

Some people say that they want to achieve a goal, or have a strong passion for doing things, like to do; or have a strong pain, do not do.

The reason why I want to lose weight is that I am suffering from obesity and have a strong desire to lose weight. I know that you have not checked three, go a little way out of breath, run a qichuanruniu. Daily sleep snoring, while a stinging pain, chest tightness, in short, all kinds of discomfort and Qi attack, we do not lose weight……

The second reason why I lose weight is because I think my whole life is gloomy, and it seems that nothing succeeds, and it has fallen into a vicious circle. I want to be able to improve my self-confidence through a thing I can control, and change this decadent state.

Facts have proved that when a man is determined to do something and actually put it into action, success beckons to him.

Partners promote each other

This weight loss success, I especially thank my friend Yuan Quan and Zhou ji. I couldn’t have lasted so long without them.

Zhou following last year’s extraordinary perseverance to lose weight successfully, this year in my weight loss process, he gave me a lot of guidance and help, let me go a lot of detours, avoid a lot of misunderstanding. He often provides guidance in our small group, constantly pumping us up, enhancing our confidence and strength. Without him, my weight loss wouldn’t work so fast.

Yuan Quan is a comrade in arms with me. When he couldn’t get up in the morning, he telephoned me to get up; he climbed to the middle of the mountain to give up when he wanted to give up, and he asked me to refuel; occasionally, when he wanted to rest, he held me. Thank you very much indeed. Without him, I might have been fishing for three days, two days, and couldn’t stay that long.

It is because of their supervision and encouragement, I can do 4 points to get up, climb mountains, riding more than 20 kilometers a day, easy to run 40 minutes +. Without them, there would be no success in my weight loss. They asked me to move mutual partners keenly aware of how important it is.

A person may give himself a variety of excuses to give up; a group of people to supervise each other, to make excuses will feel embarrassed.

Timely feedback

Thank you for the magic call that Zhou sent me, so that I can clearly understand the change of every day.

On the first day, my wife was 100, all of them standard. I have only 75 points, many dazzling red words, “vigilance”, “substandard”, “high”, these figures make me more strongly determined to lose weight.

Every day and every morning and evening, I look at my situation and see that the weight is dropping every day, especially happy, especially motivated. Every time I weigh it, I know my little change, and every tiny change is the result of my persistence, which motivates me to move on.

The greatest benefits of timely feedback are not only incentives, but also reminders.

One day, a friend called for dinner, but not the other side’s kindness, drink a glass of wine, go back in the evening found weight gain. Not only that, three days of weight has been higher than before, third days back to the weight before drinking, seventh days of weight began to decline again.

If I don’t weigh every day, I don’t know how sensitive my body is, and I think it’s okay to drink a small cup occasionally. But this experience has taught me that I can never drink a glass of wine during my weight loss!

I used to think that it’s strange that some people weigh every day, and now I know how important this timely feedback is.

Without feedback, you can’t find problems in time. Without feedback, you don’t have so much incentive.

53 days to lose weight 32 pounds, how do I do?

This weight loss for me is a kind of experience, is my life in the process of an unforgettable memory. I believe that this experience will certainly produce a different me.

My goal weight is more than 130 kilograms, the road is still very long, I will continue to maintain my fitness trip……

PS: Yuan Quan said, “now, every time I see a fat man, I say,” you lose weight with me!” O (a _ U) O haha