Python write reptiles, come and come, you can learn

PythonPython crawler, generally used for grasping specific content, recently wanted to learn to crawl through the network of what you want. The main function of case program: grab pictures from our campus network news.


IOS& design pattern builder mode (Builder)

The creation and representation of a complex object are separated, depending on the order of creation, and the manner of presentation is different. Such as when buying a mobile phone configuration: iPhote7, 64g, rose gold, you can choose a different configuration, but you do not know if he is achieved, but also because of the choice of different configurations, process and mobile phone production style is not the same. The user does not need to know how to implement, and only the final representation is chosen, which is the real-life builder model.


Masonry Studying

Masonry is a light-weight layout framework which wraps AutoLayout with a nicer syntax. Masonry has its own layout DSL which provides a chainable way of describing your NSLayoutConstraints which results in layout code that is more concise and readable. Masonry supports iOS and Mac OS X.

IB_DESIGNABLE and IBInspectable

From the beginning of Xcode 6, we can achieve real-time rendering of a custom view through the IB_DESIGNABLE and IBInspectable properties, the function is added in the code, you can directly view and modify custom view in Interface Builder, and run the program to see the view effect.

Log Energy Instruments

As far as life is concerned, the power of the mobile phone is an important lifeline for us. Generally speaking, when the electricity is less than 20%, our hearts are always so tight. As a developer, we should be saving the user’s mobile phone, allowing users a limited battery can be used longer, we developed APP, for users, developers of our scheme is the best of both worlds. Therefore, the APP power consumption should also be the point of performance optimization.


Xcode 8 Size Classes usage

Size Classes is a new feature introduced by Apple in iOS 8, which is used to adapt the UI interface of different device screens. In Xcode 8, some changes have been made in the way Interface Builder supports Size Classes, but the idea of Size Classes hasn’t changed.

Solve Cocoapods thief slow problem

As a iOS developer, from time to time with some good use of framework or library dealing, and most foreign or address, access is slow, so it has caused a series of thief slow problem, the article is to sum up the solution

# Xcode compiler debugging command (all)

Before using compiler debugging, each time you only used a few regular debugging commands. However, in accordance with the principle of “tossing and turning”, today all the debugging commands and functions are listed.

IOS develops -UILabel, height computing (text, attributedText)

IOS development buddies, affirmation of the UILabel based control of this understanding is very deep, also some of the label text width height calculation, especially for the spacing of cases sometimes feel headache, everyone has their own method, some may be more similar, recent projects encountered the multi line with the spacing of more, this two days to a method previously used, in fact, is not so new, share out for everyone to see, I hope to help students in need.

Value types and reference types -Swift

This article is translated from Value and Reference Types there are two types, the first is in swift, value type, each instance hold on their own copy of the data the one and only. Generally used to define struct, enum, and tuple. second, reference type instances share a copy of data, which is generally used to define class. In this article, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of the values value, type, and reference type. How to make a choice when using?.

Network management 2

The transport layer has high transmission performance and no data recovery characteristics

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